Placement Experience

Professional Manufacturing Positions We Successfully Fill

MJ Recruiters successfully places professional top-tier candidates at all levels in the following disciplines:

  • Human Resources
  • Materials & Procurement
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Information Technologies

We service the automotive, consumer products, general manufacturing, packaging, agriculture, chemical, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), plastics, and metals industries.

Professional Recruitment

Elevating Expectations of Professional Recruitment

More than recruiters, we want to be your long term partners in the professional manufacturing sector. Understanding each position’s goals and challenges is key, as is mapping career development and training pathways.

Your organization’s unique culture and vision are at the forefront of our strategy. As seasoned manufacturing recruiters, we’re adept at creating talent acquisition strategies that align with these intricacies. Our detailed intake process, involving both human resources and hiring managers, allows us to deeply understand your company’s culture, goals, and the specifics of each role.

From middle-level to upper management, our experience ensures we find professionals who not only meet technical requirements but also resonate with your brand and integrate smoothly into your organization. With 70-plus years of experience, we’re committed to placing professionals who contribute to your company’s growth and success.

of candidates submitted
are interviewed on-site
of on-site interviews
lead to job offers
of positions are filled by MJ Recruiters, beating the industry average of 18-25%
positions filled since 2005
Raising Expectations

Why partner with
MJ Recruiters?

Professional manufacturing roles are vast and varied. Their placement demands a personalized touch—skillsets that go beyond a resume. This is where MJ Recruiters shines among other manufacturing recruiters as the preferred source for professional talent.


Weekly Updates

As a candidate or a client, you will be supplied with a weekly update on your status.


Vast Network

As members of the Top Echelon Network, we partner with more than 1,000 recruiters.


In-depth Intake

Clients say our thorough and detailed intake instills confidence in our recruitment abilities.


MJR Raising The Bar!

“Excellent recruitment firm! Joanna really took time to help me prepare for my interviews….Clare and Maria were also helpful in my search. I highly recommend them to anyone that is aggressively looking for that next big opportunity. I can’t express how satisfied I am with their service.”

Natasha | Placed Candidate

“With MJ Recruiters, I always know I am getting top-notch candidates. They are well-vetted, technically suited for our roles, and fully briefed on our company and the positions we’re filling. Thanks to your meticulous upfront work on salary expectations, we never hit any surprises when it is time to make an offer.

We are super excited to keep our partnership with MJ Recruiters strong for those tough-to-fill spots. We are thrilled to call you our “go-to” recruitment partner.”

Kendra | VP of HR

“I would like to thank MJ Recruiters for taking the time to find the right position for me….I have already recommended this company to friends and I will continue to do so. I’m so thankful to have been able to work with MJ Recruiters, especially Maria, Clare, and Joanna! Thank you for everything again! I can’t wait to start my career!”

Kayla | Placed Candidate

“When our firm searched for talented, skilled candidates, who personality fit our culture we turned to MJ Recruiters. Your process was efficient and effective, from initial research, to the talented team behind the scenes. MJR consistently found excellent candidates, which matched our requirements.”

Mark | Senior Executive Automotive Industry

“I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your assistance with this opportunity. I have seen a level of professionalism from Lisa and Joanna that I have not seen from any recruiters, and I am hopeful that it will help me with my career path. Thanks again, and I look forward to the next step in the process.”

Phil | Candidate in Process

“….I was not looking to make a career move at this time and Joanna and Lisa continued to share opportunities in my area and I am so grateful they did. MJ Recruiters provides helpful tools and personal assistance to prepare you during the interview and job placement process. I would highly recommend MJ Recruiters.”

Jackie | Placed Candidate

“Joanna, who is very professional, responsive, and reliable. They were able to assist me with the entire hiring process and answer any questions I had. I strongly recommend them as a whole!”

Lorena | Placed Candidate

“Maria, while it’s not my inclination to thank someone for doing what I paid them to do, I must admit that I was very impressed with your attention to detail in preparing and performing our search. Because of this, I was very confident in your ability to present candidates that would meet my expectations.”

Tom | President

“The group was thoroughly impressed with both candidates and this has been one of the tougher decisions that I have been involved with in recent years. Kudos to you and Joanna for presenting great candidates!”

Scott M | Director of HR

“I want to thank you Maria for the sense of urgency that your team showed in filling three critical to fill positions with our company. You were able to obtain top local talent for a Quality Manager, Financial Controller and Product Development Engineer. You didn’t just fill the positions quickly; from start to finish you had all three positions filled in less than 82 calendar days.”

Cindy | HR Manager